Thames and Kosmos Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab


Mix up a rainbow of mouth-wateringly delicious lip balms and lip glosses. Experiment with a vibrant spectrum of colors and flavors to create your own personalized lip products. This cosmetics laboratory includes a special workstation and all the ingredients, containers, and tools you need to make up to six lip balms in clear plastic jars and two lip glosses in glass rollerball-applicator bottles. The ingredients include cosmetics-grade red, blue, and yellow dyes, which can be combined into a rainbow of colors; lip-smacking strawberry, banana, and grape flavors; shimmering fluid for the lip gloss; as well as the base oils and waxes for the balms and glosses. Decorate your workstation, jars, and bottles with the included stickers to complete your creations. Explore the biology of skin and lips and the chemistry of lip balms and glosses while learning simple lab techniques. Learn how to care for your skin and lips so they are healthy and radiant with this quick introduction to basic dermatology. A full-color manual guides you through the process of making lip balms and glosses, and provides detailed information about the science behind these products. Thoroughly tested to the highest standards for cosmetic and toy safety. + Mix up your own lip balms and lip glosses in a rainbow of colors and flavors. + Learn the chemistry behind the creation of your fruity beauty products. + Includes plastic experimentation station + Three different flavors and scents include strawberry, banana, and grape

Included: Red dye, yellow dye, blue dye, soy ester (16 g), berry wax (4 g), strawberry flavor, banana flavor, grape flavor, plastic spoon, 3 stirring sticks, 6 lip balm jars, 30-ml measuring cup, 110-ml measuring cup, baby oil (25 ml), lip shimmer (2 g), 2 roller bottles, plastic workstation, sticker sheet

Thames and Kosmos Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab Specs

  • Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos
  • Brand: Thames and Kosmos
  • Genre: Biology
  • Number of Experiments: 10
  • Number of Pages in Manual: 16
  • Recommended Minimum Age: 8 Years
  • Recommended Maximum Age: 14 Years
  • Year Released: 2021
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • UPC/EAN: 814743015715
  • MPN: 550040
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Safety Information: Warning. Not intended for children under the age of 3. May contain small parts, balls, or other items dangerous to young children. May be harmful if swallowed.

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