KLUTZ Finger Knitting


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Author: The Editors of Klutz

Cozy knit accessories are right at your fingertips�literally! Make scarves, hats, jewelry, cat ear headbands, boot toppers, and much more with easy instructions for 15 projects. Even if you�ve never knit a stitch before, you�ll be amazed by what you can make without needles. And with 200 yards of metallic-sparkle yarn right in the box, you can whip up 2 extra-large scarves or several smaller projects. How do you finger knit? Simply weave the yarn back and forth between your fingers, and then pick up the loops. Really, it�s that easy! When you�re ready to take a break, use the handy stitch holder until it�s time to continue. Then braid, fold, wrap, or tie your finger-knit chains into cool creations, such as a flower-embellished scarf, a beaded necklace, or a boho-style fringe. Everything you need comes with the book (fingertips not included). Includes: 56-page book, 4 skeins of yarn (200 yards total), 10 faceted beads, Fancy button, Lacing tool and stitch holder

Included in This KLUTZ Set

200 yards of yarn in 4 colors with metallic thread, 10 plastic beads, 1 decorative button, metal stitch holder, plastic lacing tool

Recommended for ages 8 and older.