KLUTZ Charm Bracelet Studio


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Author: The Editors of Klutz

Hop on the hottest trend in jewelry with Klutz. Use our foolproof, step-by-step instructions to paint your own gold charm bangle bracelets. Choose from more than 100 designs that represent who you are and what you are interested in. The 52-page book also explains what different symbols and animals mean. Decorate both sides of the high-quality gold metal charms with the painting tool; then top off your creations with a coat of our custom finishing�gloss�for an�enamel-like finish. Mix and match your charm-ing masterpieces on 3 gold bangle bracelets (all included in the kit). It�s never been easier to craft your own standout style! Includes: 52-page book, 3 gold metal bangle bracelets, 15 large blank gold metal charms, 6 small blank gold metal charms, 5 colors of paint, 21 jump rings, Finishing gloss (10 mL), Rhinestone stickers, Decal stickers, Custom painting tool

Included in This KLUTZ Set

3 gold metal bangles, 21 blank gold metal charms (15 large, 6 small), 1 custom painting tool, 5 paint colors, 21 jump rings, 1 sheet of rhinestones, 1 sheet of stickers and decals, 1 bottle of finishing gloss

Recommended for ages 8 and older.