Appletters Game


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Appleletters is the perfect combination of fun and learning for everyone. In this game brought to you by Bananagrams, you will clear the table, unzip the canvas apple, and prepare for a great family evening. Appleletters is an addictive game where you work together to build a word worm by adding letters to both the head and tail of the worm. Now you have to be quick, as you are in a race to see who can use all their tiles. There are also three extra challenge games for you to play if you are hungry for more fun. You will agree that the Appleletters game enhances strategic thinking, develop skills, encourages team work, promotes taking turns, and �improves concentration. Get to the core of family game night with Appleletters.

Included with the Appleletters Game

The following are included with the Appleletters Game:

  • Canvas apple shaped bag with zipper
  • 110 tiles

Additional Product Information

  • Choking hazard, small parts
  • For 1-4 Players
  • For ages 5 and over